The Experience




Time to Book - Early!


So you like what you've seen and you've already checked out our types of sessions, and you've familiarised yourself with our finished products and packages page. Then it's time to book!


To avoid missing out on getting a session around your preferred time (ie. a newborn session within the ideal age window of 7-14 days) It is best to book in advance. So if you are currently pregnant now is the time to book that newborn session. If your little one is 3 months, now is the time to book the sitter session and if your little one is 6-9 months now is the time to book that 1 year session. Of course you can book earlier if you wish, but waiting until your baby is born or your little one has reached their milestone may only lead to heartbreak when I can not fit you into my calendar.

Once you've decided on which session you would like its time to book it in and pay your session fee in full. You can do this by calling me personally 0407 553 175 or heading over to the contact page. 


Photo session day!


The day of your portrait session has arrived. And it's time to have fun! If you are running behind time (as I know this can happen when you are trying to get yourself and children ready or perhaps not knowing how long it takes to bundle a newborn into the car) fear not, a simple courtesy text message or phone call to let me know is appreciated. I will be ready and welcoming you once you do arrive. 


On arrival you'll be greeted and asked to wash and sanatise your hands before taking a comfortable seat on the studio couch. I will then briefly outline the process of the shoot and then proceed to take portraits and have some fun! 

For newborn sessions we will photograph the whole family first followed by any sibling shots, then proceed to baby only setups. Whilst I'm capturing shots of your newborn you can sit back relax (or take a nap), have a coffee and enjoy watching your little one be photographed. Or perhaps you would like to catch up on your favourite Netflix binge series on the high definition studio television.


Planning & Pre Shoot Info


You're session has been booked into our calendar and now it's time to start planning your session and discussing your ideal imagery and print products.


Have a look around the website. In particular the portfolio pages and the facebook page as this will give you a little feel for the type of clothing that works well for the family and sibling shots and shows the style of imagery I'll produce. If you like a particular set up or a certain prop or colour palate, be sure to let me know so I can arrange it for your session. 

Have a think about how you would like to display your photos, be it in an album or some gorgeous wall art.  There is no obligation to purchase anything from your session, but 99% of clients LOVE them so much it is simply impossible to leave them behind. The finished products and packages page will give you some insight in to how your finished images can be displayed.


Design & Ordering Appointment


Approximately 2-3 weeks after your photo session you'll be invited back for your design and ordering appointment. Please note this appointment will be an online viewing gallery for maternity sessions.


At this appointment you will view your final artwork images on the large high definition screen tv and in print form too. I will help you choose your favourite images and advise on what works best to create your ideas you've already thought about in step two.  

All financial deciders will need to be present at this appointment as payment is required in full via credit card / eft / cash or PAYRIGHT Interest free (20% deposit required at your appointment).

Any digital images purchased at your appointment may be taken home on the day. Your products will be ordered the same day and you will be contacted once they have arrived at the studio.


04 0755 3175