My Favourite things about Newborn Photography.

When I tell people I'm a newborn photographer, phrases such as ‘wow, you must have so much patience’ and 'it must be so hard’ photographing babies, get thrown around a lot.

Yes, I have a lot of patience! Honestly I don't have a order for me to capture those special images for you, I have to stay calm and persevere, even if it means waiting 30 minutes for baby to fall asleep! So here are the top 8 reasons why I love newborn photography…

1. Those adorable baby cuddles!

It’s my job to get these precious little ones into a deep sleep so I can safely pose them to create amazing photos. I love snuggles with newborn babies, rocking them to sleep, shushing them gently to help them settle. There’s nothing more peaceful than holding a new little life in your arms. Now that my two girls are older I can get my newborn cuddle fix every newborn session I have.

2. Witness all the joy the parents have

Bringing a newborn into this world is a very special time in the parents lives… and I love that! When I see new parents, their babies are usually under two weeks old, so the joy of their new little bundle is still so fresh, even through sleep the deprivation! I get to hear all of the beautiful stories and some very interesting birth stories! Then when parents see their little bub all wrapped up and laying in adorable squishy poses and props, I can almost see their hearts melt and their eyes begin to well up! It's honestly such a magical moment!

3. To nurture my creativity

Being creative is what I am all about...I love mixing colours and different fabrics together with a prop to create a beautiful set up for baby. I endeavor to make every session different. To do this, I need to think outside of the square, use my imagination and creativity. The skys the limit when it comes to being creative however I like to compliment baby rather than overpower them with bright outfits or big headbands. Sweet and simple is how I like it.

4. The challenges

Yes, that's right you read that one correctly…I love the challenges that newborn photography presents. Every baby is so different, it means that I need to be open, flexible and ready to go with the flow. What works for some babies doesn't work for another. Some babies are a lot more active, some hate being wrapped, some have gas, some take forever to settle and some take ages to feed, while others may have a very strong startle reflex and are not overly happy being moved, and then there are the others don’t even wake up once during a session (the ones I call dream or unicorn babies!). It’s a constant balance of discerning the needs of each individual baby and trying to get the best from the photo shoot. While this can be really challenging, it’s also one of the most rewarding parts of newborn photography in my eyes!

5. I watch as older children bond with their brand new sibling

It just melts my heart when I see the pure joy older siblings have for their new ones. I’m in awe when my two daughters play and love on each other and it’s almost magical as I watch the sibling love take place in my studio. From the youngest “older sibling” to the oldest older sibling, age doesn’t matter. They have a new brother or sister and they are in love.

6. Continual learning

I am constantly learning as things change in the newborn photography industry fairly often, technical aspects of photography, editing with Photoshop, new ways to settle babies, new poses, lighting etc. There’s a huge gamut of areas in which I’ll always be striving to improve, which inspires me to be the very best that I can at any time and deliver this to my clients.

7. I make people happy

I’ve always been a “people pleaser” type of person. One of the best feelings is knowing I’ve made someone else happy. I get to do this all of the time as a newborn photographer. My clients get all teary eyed when they view the images I’ve created for them. They leave my studio so happy and excited. It makes me feel good that I was able to make them happy.

8.) I get to enjoy my own family. My amazing job is flexible so that I still get to spend time with my girls and my husband while doing what I love.


Hi I'm Tamryn - aka "baby whisperer of the Barossa!" 

Swee-t-Photography is located in Tanunda, Barossa Valley which is situated 60mins from the Adelaide CBD. I have a small studio and I specialise in maternity, newborn and baby portrait photography.

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